News | May 22, 2014

Reserve Officer Association recognizes JROTC cadets

By Col. James M. Payne 710th Combat Operations Squadron

Ah, Spring - a time of blooming, growth, and new life.
For Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, spring is the time when units recognize cadets who have bloomed throughout the year at JROTC annual award ceremonies.

Nearly 900 high schools from across the nation and around the world gather at local awards events to applaud the hard work, dedication and commitment cadets have invested in the AFJROTC mission to "Develop Citizens of Character Dedicated to Serving Their Nation and Community."

Each year, a few exceptional cadets march away with one of several national-level awards sponsored by organizations such as the Air Force Association, the American Legion, and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

One particular award near and dear to the hearts of reservists is the Reserve Officer Association award.

The Reserve Officers Association is a membership association dedicated to providing a voice for Reserve Component service members, both officer and non-commissioned officers, from all the uniformed services.

Chartered by Congress and in existence since 1922, ROA advises and educates Congress, the President, and the American people on national security, with unique expertise on issues that affect the 1.5 million men and women now serving in America's Reserve Component.

Reflecting the scope of ROA's membership, the association's JROTC award program spans all military services.

For the Air Force, the award is presented to a third- or fourth-year cadet ranked in the top ten percent of the aerospace science course. The awardee must also demonstrate the highest personal, ethical standards and strong personal convictions and exhibit initiative, sound judgment and self-confidence.

Each year, ROA members attend JROTC ceremonies to present the organization's awards to cadets. In addition, schools invite ROA members to come speak to their students.

If you're an ROA member who would like to be involved in AFJROTC, contact your local ROA chapter or high school to ask what you can do to support the program.

If you're an E-4 or above and not yet a member of ROA, contact the association at to find out how you can make a positive impact on your community and the nation by becoming involved in this professional organization.