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A BIG DAY is coming up for one of our officers! Give a "BIG CONGRATS" to Capt. Denise Hauser 940th ARW/PA who is soon to become Major Hauser offically on Sept.3, 2019. The cake was great!!! We just couldn't wait to celebrate!!! #ReserveReady #940thARW
Please take note! This subject is real for many people. Winning the internal war with one's self is the ultimate award. Reading Chief's story is one small way to start. #ReserveResilience #AFRCyellowribbon #citizenairmanmagazine
Sometimes our TR's are so busy we can't catch up with them! Especially in this Heat! Say "Congratulations" to SrA. Anthony Solorio Causor, 940 CES HVAC Specialist. Solorio Causor is Amn. of the Quarter for Apr.- Jun 2019. #ReserveReady #940thARW #BealeAFB
We can be everywhere when we have a CAN-DO ATTITUDE!!! Gotta be TEAM ALWAYS!!! #ReserveReday #ReserveResilience #940ARW #USTRANSCOM
The 940th ARW recognizes MSgt. Eileen Safford, 940 MXG, Group Training Mgr. as the winner of the 3rd Quarter Award Winner for SNCO. #ReserveReady #ReserveResilience #940ARW
The 940th ARW recognizes MSgt. Goya Johnson, 940 OG, Exec. Officer as the winner of the 3rd Quarter Award Winner for Sr. Civ. #ReserveReady #ReserveResilience #940ARW
Don't forget 940th ARW Airmen! Have a read of the August 2019 Newsletter. Stay informed! #ReserveReady #ReserveResilience #940ARW
Look This Over! Read more about this career opportunity in our August UTA newsletter! Don't let this fly by if you qualify and are committed! #ReserveReady #ReserveResilience #940thARW #908AirLiftWing
Dedication. Dedication. Dedication. Give a shout out to three team members of the 940th Air Refueling Wing! Mr. Rudy Gutierrez AF CPI Analyst 10 years of service. Col. Maureen McAllen AFRC 940 MSG/CC 23 years service. Mrs.Tina E. Poe Command Section Secretary 30 years service. Thank you for your support! #ReserveReady #ReserveResilience #940thARW
Your piece of the puzzle matters (Commentary by the 302nd Airlift Wing) #ReserveResilient
Exceptional Performers! AFRC 940th Airlift Wing UEI CAPSTONE Superior Team Award Wing & Group Career Advisors. SMSgt.C. McCutcheon MSgt. X. Bryant MSgt. A. Jenkins MSgt. J. Anderson #BealeAFB #AFRC940AirliftWing
Congratulations to SSgt. Tara R. Abrahams for receiving the Air Force Achievement Medal on July 13. #BealeAFB #940thWing #940thPublicAffairs
Congratulations to TSgt. Brenda Bell for for being awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal on July 13. #BealeAFB #940thWing #940thPublicAffairs
For Outstanding Teamwork for the Month the 940ARW/CC Award goes to AFRC 940FSS. Great job!!! Capt. A. Malik Mr. T. Lietz MSgt. J. Saiz TSgt, J. Shepard TSgt. B. Green SSgt. B. Matteson SSgt. C. Clementi A1C C. Aldaco #BealeAFB #AFRC940FSS
Congratulation again to the legal team 940 ARW Legal Office. UEI CAPSTONE Superior Team Award. Lt. Col. Ninadurer Hunt & Maj. Robert Driessen (not pictured) MSgt Matthew Caspar #BealeAFB #940ARWLegalOffice
Well deserved Mr. Ryan Santos! UEI CAPSTONE Superior Performance Award. 30 May- 4 June 2019 #Beale AFB #940ARWSafety