News | Jan. 24, 2020

New Wing Commander sets priorities

By Col. Jeffrey Downs

My message is simple, we are here for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to defend the freedoms of our nation.  That’s why we put on the uniform and that’s why we serve.  In whatever capacity you’re serving, whether it’s a civilian, ART, AGR, or TR, there’s three simple things that we need to do in order to serve our nation.

Number one: Can you do your job?  When you come in you should ask yourself am I getting my 5-level, 7-level, or 9-level complete.  Am I current on all my training and am I proficient at my job?  Am I helping others get their 5-level and 7-level complete?  Everything starts with being able to do your job.

Number two: Can you support the nuclear mission?  Nuclear deterrence is the very foundation of our national security.  It’s a mission we cannot fail at.  Nuclear deterrence only works if two things are in place: the will power and the capability to execute our nuclear mission.  The willpower resides with the President, but the capability comes from us.  If our adversaries feel we do not have the capability to do this mission, deterrence fails and our freedoms could be lost around the world. 

Number three: Can you do your mission anywhere in the world?  Are you ready to deploy tonight?  Is your readiness items and IMR compete?  Is your family taken care of?  Have you thought about what it would be like to work in a contested environment where you do not have the capabilities that we have here at Beale AFB? 

If you can do your job, you can support the nuclear mission, and you can do your job anywhere in the world, we absolutely cannot fail to defend this nation when called to serve.

If you do these three things, my commitment to you, and my expectations of all the squadron commanders and senior ARTs, is we work to get you promoted and paid in a timely manner.  Getting promoted means getting OPR’s and EPR’s done on time, we are getting awards and decorations complete, and we are providing mentorship and feedback.  Second, we will get you compensated for your service.  Not a year down the road, not six-months later, but we get you paid right away.

So if you do your job, you can support the nuclear mission, and you can do your job anywhere in the world, we will work restlessly to get you promoted and ensure you are compensated for your service.