News | Nov. 4, 2019

A Role Model for Resiliency

By Rossi D. Pedroza, 940th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs 940th Air Refueling Wing

“It is time for me to give back now.” Chief Master Sergeant Ericka E. Kelly, Ret., said these words with commitment and conviction.

The audience in her presence was still, attentive and focused on the delivery of her story. She spoke of her personal journey that shaped her into the successful and caring women she has become and her continuous inner growth as a now retired airman.

Less than one year ago in January 2019, Chief Kelly made a visit to the 940th Air Refueling Wing at Beale AFB over the weekend for the Unit Training Assembly (UTA). This November’s UTA, she made a return to the 940th ARW.

She spent her weekend time speaking with the civilian airmen and Active Reserve Technicians (ARTS). There were two additional sessions scheduled to fill the base theater with a general admission ticket for all reservists and an exclusive session with the Rising 6.

No airman was excluded and the floor was theirs to speak openly about what is working, what may need improvement and what could be changed.
Kelly did have her story to tell about being forgiving and striving to remain a resilient person that she is in her own right.

Kelly is constantly emphasizing the balance between the three Air Force pillars: family, civilian job and reserve career for all airmen to adopt and adhere too.
The other top priority is to build resilient leaders that continuously seek growth within themselves and the airmen they lead.

Kelly is a John Maxwell Team certified speaker, coach and trainer. This area of study and certification provides her with the additional tools outside of what the Air Force has taught her and she continues to influence airmen to become effective and ever-changing leaders. She says it is a conscious practice and a process.