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AF Reserve strategic group looks to the future

Air Force Reserve Future Force Framework

Air Force Reserve Future Force Framework (U.S. Air Force graphic/Jonathan Migel)


Almost 50 members of the Air Force Reserve team gathered here in January to help develop a strategic framework for the Air Force Reserve.

The Air Force Reserve Future Force Framework, commonly referred to as AF3, is a year-long project directed by Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, Air Force Reserve Command commander, to reform the organization’s priorities.

“When it comes to identifying the future Reserve, nothing is off the table,” said Maj. Gen. Ken Lewis, AFRC deputy commander. “This framework will give us a picture to aim at, helping shape current policy, planning and programming efforts. Developing AF3 is going to be difficult, but it’s important work.”

The AF3 working group was comprised of people from each AFRC numbered air force, the Air Reserve Personnel Center, all AFRC directorates and the Reserve headquarters staff. Members broke into three subgroups: recruiting and retention, readiness and utilization, and future environmental factors.

The group will look to challenge operational and organizational assumptions to determine the best way to leverage Citizen Airmen’s strengths and provide the best value to the nation in the profession of arms.

“AF3 will help balance considerations like the high operations tempo, the demand signal for Reserve capabilities and the need to create white space for our members to revitalize our squadrons,” said Lt. Col. Alison Hamel, intelligence and cyber branch chief, who led the overall effort to organize the working group. 

"With no growing defense budget and a minimal projected AFR end strength growth, the Reserve needs AF3 to guide how we’ll prioritize to get after the NDS objectives and stay in sync with the Air Force,” added Col. Carl Magnussen, AFRC plans division chief.

The AF3 team will reconvene in the spring and fall. In November, the working group’s results will be briefed to AFRC senior leaders.

(Maj. Lee is assigned to the Headquarters Air Force Reserve Strategy and Planning Division.)