News | Dec. 5, 2017

Evolution of the Airman Safety App

By Keith Wright Air Force Safety Center

The evolution of the Air Force Safety Center’s Airman Safety App reached an important milestone with recent software updates Dec. 1, 2017.

This simple, web-based tool provides a streamlined process for all Airmen, their families and anyone accessing the base to report safety issues as they encounter them.

“The Air Force wants to utilize every Airman as a sensor to identify hazards in their workplace and throughout the installation,” said Col. William Culver, Air Force chief of Aviation Safety. “The aviation community, both commercial and military, has been doing this for many years and now we can take those best practices across all safety disciplines”.

With this update, the Air Force will use the Airman Safety App to leverage the expanding Aviation Safety Action Program voluntary reporting capability. This includes aircrew operations and logistics/maintenance safety issues and events. The transformation – “Aviation” is expanding to “Airman”. 

Airmen will also have access to the latest hazard reports through active messaging and an ASAP Scoreboard located in the Air Force Safety Automated System database.

Another improvement links the Airman Safety App with a new hazard management module in AFSAS enabling safety professionals to track and mitigate reported hazards.

“Supporting features were upgraded in AFSAS to increase the application’s capability,” said Douglas MacCurdy, acting chief information officer and chief of Information Technology and Cyberspace Operations. “Air Force safety professionals now have a hazard management tool capable of cradle-to-grave identification and risk mitigation of safety issues”.

The Airman Safety App opened the door to a new way of limiting and eliminating safety hazards, like exposed electrical wires in the workplace, and road hazards around each and every installation while providing a substantial amount of data essential to proactive mishap prevention and effective risk management.

The application is accessible anytime, anywhere and with almost any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone – and focuses on minimizing the most common obstacles, making reporting quicker and easier to accomplish.

Initiating the reporting process is easy, just access the Airman Safety App online at and select the Airman Safety Action Report icon.