Total Force Airmen can now manage their life insurance online

  • Published
  • By Richard Salomon
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs

Airmen no longer need paper forms to manage their Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, thanks to the new SGLI Online Enrollment System, or SOES.

SGLI provides automatic life insurance coverage of $400,000 to service members when they enter the service. Members with SGLI also get automatic coverage for their dependent children and non-military spouses under the Family SGLI program.

Notification emails containing the SOES link and other helpful information will be sent out to Total Force Airmen on their birthday month reminding them to update their SGLI information.

Total Force Airmen who are deploying, separating and retiring (including those on the permanent disability retired list and the temporary disability retirement list) should update their elections and coverages before out processing. They can log into SOES using their common access card or Department of Defense self-service, or DS Logon.

“This new system gives Total Force Airmen with full-time SGLI coverage the ability to make online changes to their insurance and beneficiary information at any time without having to complete a paper form or visit their military personnel flight,” said Lt. Col. Gerald Cullens, Air National Guard advisor for force management integration at the Pentagon.

Veterans Affairs has been working with the Department of Defense, Defense Manpower Data Center, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, and the military services to develop the new system.

Transitioning from the paper-based system to the electronic process is expected to save the DOD about $12 million a year by reducing errors and overpayments. SOES also helps to eliminate unclear designations and missing or incomplete forms.

SOES is available through DMDC’s milConnect web application at  After signing in, click on “SOES” under the “Benefits” tab. The VA website under Life Insurance has more information.

Airmen can also visit
myPers, select “Any” from the dropdown menu and enter “SOES” in the search menu. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following these instructions.

Your Record of Emergency Data (RED) is not updated when you change your beneficiary information through SOES in milConnect. You must update your RED by accessing it through the Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF).

You must also log into the vMPF to ensure your RED contains the necessary information to contact your next-of-kin and to designate beneficiaries for certain benefits such as the distribution of Unpaid Pay/Death Gratuity and the designation of a Person Authorized to Direct Disposition (PADD).