News | March 21, 2017

Wing honors newest NCOs, SNCOs

By Senior Airman Tara R. Abrahams 940th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

The 940th Air Refueling Wing inducted 69 NCOs and 21 senior NCOs into their respective ranks during a ceremony March 11, 2017 at Beale Air Force Base, California.


It was the wing’s first induction ceremony since regaining the refueling mission in 2016.


An induction ceremony is a tradition to honor and welcome those who have reached the next tier in the enlisted ranks.


One of the wing’s top enlisted members, Chief Master Sgt. Dan McCarthy, 940th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron flight chief, was the guest speaker. He spoke to the newly promoted Airmen about their new stripes and responsibilities.


“Some of you might have been wearing the ranks more than a year already,” McCarthy said. “But I would hope, and expect, you’re still feeling a little apprehension with your new rank and new responsibilities. You should. It’s an important role. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing.”


Becoming an NCO and, later, senior NCO is not always an easy feat.


“For some, talent and leadership comes naturally,” McCarthy said. “For the rest of us, the majority, it takes working at and paying attention to personal development. Hopefully that’s the approach you’ve used to get you this far.”


McCarthy left the inductees with advice on where to go from here, summing it up in one word: care.


“Care about your family, your friends, the mission… fellow airmen, whether assigned to you or not,” McCarthy said. “Your mission is to leave people better than you found them.”


Congratulations to all of the 940 ARW’s newest NCO and senior NCOs!


Staff Sergeants:

Staff Sgt. Rocco Agarenzo Jr.

Staff Sgt. Chase Aldridge      

Staff Sgt. Rodolfo Alimusa III

Staff Sgt. Julio Balbaneda     

Staff Sgt. Marcus Barnes      

Staff Sgt. Seth Bohm

Staff Sgt. Learsi Canosa        

Staff Sgt. Norey Centers                                           

Staff Sgt. Kevin Chi   

Staff Sgt. Nathan Davis

Staff Sgt. Kyle De Vroede      

Staff Sgt. Nicholas DeHart   

Staff Sgt. David Diegel           

Staff Sgt. Tanisha Dottery    

Staff Sgt. Ursula Engel          

Staff Sgt. Judah Epstein        

Staff Sgt. Silviu Feceu

Staff Sgt. Joshua Flores         

Staff Sgt. Victor Garcia III    

Staff Sgt. Gabriel Gonzalez   

Staff Sgt. Brian Gordon        

Staff Sgt. Antonio Greigo      

Staff Sgt. Alivia Hampton     

Staff Sgt. Weston Hood         

Staff Sgt. John Jacoby Jr.       

Staff Sgt. Tiberius Johnson   

Staff Sgt. Sarah Jones           

Staff Sgt. Justin Joyner         

Staff Sgt. Matthew Kenney  

Staff Sgt. Krystal Le  

Staff Sgt. Rolando Lora         

Staff Sgt. Kimheak Ly

Staff Sgt. Jose Maldonado     

Staff Sgt. Ryan Malicki          

Staff Sgt. Paul Martinez       

Staff Sgt. Javier Mendoza Jr. 

Staff Sgt. Robert Middleton  

Staff Sgt. Cristopher Molina-Rosas  

Staff Sgt. Jazmin Morales     

Staff Sgt. Nevin Noceda        

Staff Sgt. Nicholas Nugent   

Staff Sgt. Marcos Ortiz         

Staff Sgt. Enrique Padilla     

Staff Sgt. Joshua Page           

Staff Sgt. Russell Paulsen      

Staff Sgt. Jerry Perez III        

Staff Sgt. Nickalus Perry      

Staff Sgt. Frankie Placeres   

Staff Sgt. Megan Rime          

Staff Sgt. Lydia Ruiz  

Staff Sgt. Cathy Saetern

Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Scott

Staff Sgt. Steven Sparks        

Staff Sgt. Karen Stephens     

Staff Sgt. Keith Stephenson  

Staff Sgt. Bradley Stewart

Staff Sgt. Manuel Valdes       

Staff Sgt. Keaton Valdez       

Staff Sgt. Jean Vargo Jr.        

Staff Sgt. Teya Vickers          

Staff Sgt. Vincent Wan         

Staff Sgt. Shelbeann Warner

Staff Sgt. Robert Waybright 

Staff Sgt. Michael Weatherson         

Staff Sgt. Malcolm Webb      

Staff Sgt. Chester Whitehurst          

Staff Sgt. Christopher Wright          

Staff Sgt. Cody Yeager          

Staff Sgt. Beatriz Zapien       


Master Sergeants:

Master Sgt. John Alimenti

Master Sgt. Yessenia Burciaga

Master Sgt. Chris DelaCruz  

Master Sgt. Darren Duxbury

Master Sgt. Reuben Elliott    

Master Sgt. Eric Felan

Master Sgt. Jenna Gasper

Master Sgt. Sasha Ghazarian

Master Sgt. Robert Greiner

Master Sgt. Jesse MacDonald

Master Sgt. Jamie Mahaffey

Master Sgt. Mark Mateo

Master Sgt. Wesley Mosure

Master Sgt. Shawn Painter

Master Sgt. David Ramirez

Master Sgt. David Salvador

Master Sgt. Jack Snyder III

Master Sgt. Justin Watson

Master Sgt. Stephany Williams

Master Sgt. Travis Williams

Master Sgt. Stacia Willis