News | Dec. 23, 2016

New VRS features allows Reservists to post resumes

By Master Sgt. Timm Huffman Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization

ARCNet and the Volunteer Reserve System (VRS) now give reservists the capability to post their civilian and military resume to their ARCNet profiles where it can be searched by VRS job posters.

VRS is the platform the Air Force uses to solicit for volunteer support from reservists for manning shortfalls.  

To post a resume and add job tags, log into ARCNet (CaC only) through the Air Force Portal, select the “Member” tab and then “Change my profile.” Scroll down to the “VRS Skills Search info” section and select “Opt-in to make this profiles searchable in VRS.” Reservists may then add their AFSC, skill tags, write a short biography and upload a resume (up to 9MB, no PII). Select “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Once a member has opted-in to the VRS Skills Search, requistioners can then search for them based on their tagged skills and AFSCs.

For assistance, contact the ARCNet Customer Support Team at 1-800-223-1784 ext. 497-2387; (Comm) 478-327-2387; (DSN) 497-2387; or by email at