FACTSHEET | April 19, 2013

50th Intelligence Squadron

The 50th Intelligence Squadron is a classic associate unit that provides combat mission-ready ISR Officers and Imagery Intelligence, Signals Intelligence and All-Source Fusion Analysts in support of Distributed Common Ground System Weapon System operations and Combatant Commanders. The 50th IS also provides fully-qualified system support personnel to sustain and maintain the robust communications and computer network required to fully integrate into the DCGS world-wide enterprise. The 50th Intelligence Squadron is assigned to the 940th Operations Group, 940th Wing at Beale Air Force Base, Calif.

Commander: Lt. Col. Leslie A. Beavers

Parent Command: Air Force Reserve Command (10th Air Force)

Gaining Commands: Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency; 480th ISR Wing, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.; and 548th ISR Group/DGS-2, Beale AFB, Calif.

Mission Platform: DCGS (AN/GSQ-272) Sentinel weapon system. Air Force DCGS is an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance weapon system whose core mission is to receive, process and analyze raw data derived from various airborne reconnaissance platforms such as the U-2, Global Hawk, Reaper, Predator and MC-12, then disseminate finished intelligence products to supported units. Additionally, all-source analysts fuse intelligence derived from its organic ISR platforms with intelligence derived from sources throughout the Intelligence Community, leading to higher confidence reporting. The AF DCGS consists of numerous active duty, Air National Guard, and national mission-partner sites interconnected by the Global Information Grid

Personnel: 88 authorized, including 61 Traditional Reservists and 27 Full-Time Reservists

Major Operational Participation:
Operations NEW DAWN 2008 - current,  ENDURING FREEDOM 2008 - current, and UNIFIED RESPONSE 2010

Unit Awards:
Air Force Reserve Command Outstanding Air Reserve Component ISRD/IOS/IS of the Year - 2008, 2009. 2011 and 2012; Air Force Association Citation of Honor - 2010; and California Air Force Association Reserve Unit of the Year - 2011

Unit History:
September 2007:
50th IS activated at Beale AFB, Calif. assigned to the 610th Regional Support Group, Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas.
March 2009: Achieved Initial Operational Capability
July 2009: Assigned to 940th Operations Group, 940th Wing, Beale AFB, Calif.

(Current as of April 2013)