940th Air Refueling Wing



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KC-135 Stratotanker


The 940th Air Refueling Wing has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1963. Beginning with troop carriers, the mission transitioned to air transport, military airlift, tactical airlift, air refueling, the C2ISR (command, control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) mission and back to air refueling. Activated in 1963, initially with Tactical Air Command as its gaining command.  Flying C-119Gs, the group trained for and participated in air transport, airdrop, and airlanding operations in conjunction with Army airborne forces, and also provided air evacuation as needed.   Converted to C-124C aircraft in 1965 and missions shifted to augmentation of worldwide Military Airlift Command operations.  Converted to C-130 aircraft in 1972 and returned to a mission of air transportation of airborne forces, equipment and supplies with delivery by airdrop, extraction, and airlanding.  In Dec 1976, the wing received its first KC-135 tanker in preparation for becoming an air refueling organization.  Since Jan 1977, the 940th performed air refueling missions worldwide.  Maintained an alert responsibility for Strategic Air Command to Sep 1991.  Deployed personnel and aircraft to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and European locations to provide air refueling and other support for allied forces before and during the Gulf War, 1990-1991.   Since 1994, periodically deployed personnel and aircraft in support of NATO operations in the Balkans.  After terrorists attacked the US on 11 Sep 2001, participated in homeland defense and Global War on Terror.

The Air Force has recognized the success of the 940th Air Refueling Wing by awarding seven consecutive Outstanding Unit Awards, eleven in total. Notably, during Operation Allied Force, USAFE commanders recognized the 940th ARW as the most productive tanker unit in the Kosovo air war. A milestone during DESERT STORM includes the deployment of six KC-135 aircraft and 187 unit Reservists, who were among the first Air Force personnel to arrive in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. The unit also supported Operations IRAQI FREEDOM/NEW DAWN, ENDURING FREEDOM, RESTORE HOPE, TOMODACHI, PACIFIC PASSAGE and ODDYSSEY DAWN.

Lineage:  Established as 940 Troop Carrier Group, Medium, and activated in the Reserve, on 15 Jan 1963.  Organized on 11 Feb 1963.  Redesignated as: 940 Troop Carrier Group, Heavy on 1 Apr 1965; 940 Air Transport Group, Heavy on 1 Dec 1965; 940 Military Airlift Wing on 1 Jan 1966; 940 Tactical Airlift Group on 1 Apr 1972; 940 Air Refueling Group, Heavy on 1 Jan 1977; 940 Air Refueling Group on 1 Feb 1992; 940 Air Refueling Wing on 1 Oct 1994; 940 Wing on 1 Jul 2009; 940 Air Refueling Wing on 29 Apr 2016.

(Current as of November 2016)